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Unicorn Valuation, Workhorse Values: Part 2 of Our Series C Announcement

By | on 06, Jan 2021 |   community Company Update Start-up Culture Big Data Series C


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Starburst Announces $100M Series C Led by Andreessen Horowitz

By | on 06, Jan 2021 |   community Company Update Series C

I’m excited to announce that Starburst has raised $100M in Series C financing, led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Salesforce Ventures, along with our existing investors Inde[...]

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PrestoSQL becomes Trino

By | on 28, Dec 2021 |   presto Trino

What’s in a Name?

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Starburst Presto Jumpstart Services in AWS Marketplace

By | on 03, Dec 2020 |   presto aws starburst data aws aws data lake partner

Starburst helps to support the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace

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Starburst Enterprise for Presto LTS 345-e Release

By | on 02, Dec 2020 |   starburst presto release release Release Notes 345 lts

The Starburst Enterprise Presto LTS 345-e release includes many significant features that help Starburst customers with new and enhanced connectivity, improved performance, and more robust s[...]

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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2021: #1, Bill Nye the Science Guy

By | on 01, Dec 2020 |   Datanova

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Starburst's Presto on AWS up to 12x Faster than EMR

By | on 16, Nov 2020 |

Introduction In the previous incarnation of this blog, we demonstrated how Starburst Enterprise Presto (SEP) outperformed AWS EMR Presto. We recently had a third party vendor run the same be[...]

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Video: How to Migrate from EMR to Starburst Enterprise Presto

By | on 13, Nov 2020 |

In this video, I walk you through the steps of migrating between an existing EMR Presto cluster that has existing data in S3 and MySQL to using a Starburst Enterprise Presto cluster in its p[...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Migrate from OS Presto on EMR to Starburst Enterprise Presto

By | on 13, Nov 2020 |

In today’s data architecture economy, there are no shortages of options when it comes to choosing various distributions and deployment strategies for a given technology. You can deploy many [...]

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Announcing: Starburst Datanova!

By | on 09, Nov 2020 |   event community Company Update


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