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Starburst Enterprise Presto 203e Now Available!

Starburst is pleased to announce the availability of Presto 203e. The most notable features and additions include:

  • AWS Glue Integration
  • New Geospatial functions and improved Geospatial function performance
  • Additional SQL subquery support
  • Add SQL FILTER clause for aggregations
  • Column level access control*
  • Support for authentication with JWT access token
  • Various bug fixes that continue to improve the robustness of Presto
  • Improvements to query scheduling and resource management

Release Notes:

* Currently there is no Presto connector implementation that takes advantage of Presto’s newly added Column level access control. We are working on adding this to some of the connectors for the next release. Stay tuned to learn more!

203e is based on the prestodb/presto version 0.203 and includes additional features and patches that will be integrated in the master branch soon. 203e includes the Cost Based Optimizer making your queries run faster saving you time and cost. 203e is rigorously tested by Starburst and is certified to work with many of your favorite tools such as Apache Superset, Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI.

Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller is a co-founder of Starburst and the VP, Product. Prior to Starburst, Matt was a director of engineering at Teradata, where he worked to build the new Center for Hadoop division within the company. Before Teradata, Matt was an early engineer at Vertica, where he co-built the query optimizer. Matt is also a Very Large Databases (VLDB) published author and has US patents in the database management systems space.

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