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Why Starburst is offering free software to COVID-19 Researchers

By | on 16, Mar 2020 |   presto Company Update

  We’re all in this together. Whether you’re concerned about yourself, your loved ones, or our economy - everyone is watching the news as they try to work from home. If you’re like me, you’re working [...]

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The Presto Summit SF is back in 2020!

By | on 13, Mar 2020 |   presto summit Company Update

  Join the Presto Community on May 21st at The Commonwealth Club  The second edition of The Presto Summit SF will bring together 300+ of the top Presto contributors, companies looking to learn more ab[...]

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Presto at Pinterest

By | on 12, Mar 2020 |   case study aws

Article reposted from Medium with permission from the author,  Ashish Singh | Pinterest Engineer, Data Engineering As a data-driven company, many critical business decisions are made at Pinterest base[...]

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Starburst Secrets - Hiding Sensitive Presto Credentials

By | on 05, Feb 2020 |   security technical features

As Presto continues to rapidly become the SQL engine of choice powering the modern big data consumption layer, security is at the top of our list. Many organizations do not allow any type of sensitive[...]

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2019 in Review: Fueled up and ready to go

By | on 04, Feb 2020 |   azure aws Company Update gcp

  What happened in 2019? 2019 was a big year for Starburst. Today we shared some of our major accomplishments:

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NYC Presto Summit (2019) Recap

By | on 16, Dec 2019 |   presto summit

Presentation Slides Presentation Videos This past week the Presto Summit made its East Coast debut in New York City. The Presto Summit, the foremost event for the open source SQL engine, Presto and it[...]

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Starburst Presto 323e Released With Many New Features & Connectors

By | on 27, Nov 2019 |   Release Notes technical features

It’s been a very busy quarter for us here at Starburst. We have doubled in size. Our engineering team has been heads-down to their keyboards. Now they have finally come up for air. The result is one o[...]

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More Secure, More Connected: Starburst Presto Updated to 323e

By | on 21, Nov 2019 |   kubernetes Release Notes

Starburst Presto 323e is the now our most exciting and feature rich release by Starburst to date. When we founded Starburst, our vision was to enable our customers to query any data, on any platform, [...]

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Presto on Kubernetes

By | on 02, Aug 2019 |   kubernetes

Kubernetes (K8s) eases the burden and complexity of configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring containerized applications. We are excited to announce the availability and support of Starburst Pr[...]

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Introducing Starburst Enterprise Presto 312e

By | on 26, Jul 2019 |   Release Notes

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Starburst Enterprise Presto 312e. Each new release becomes more exciting than the previous. This blog introduces the main features we’ve added, an[...]

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